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Nowadays the new economy forces us to follow srtictly the new rules the market requires, We want our business strategy to play in important role in your choice, we believe that our professional attitude in business can make you look different and more competitive as regards your direct competitors.

We put at your disposal the correct market dynamics and the more prestigious, representative and trendy trade marks, and think this is the best and essential way to success.

Only a company such as we are can carry out this task for its customers, and garantee at the same time the protection the privacy and the products on their respective markets.
Our startegy consiists in developing the future with you, planning our business on a long term basis and in an exclusive manner.

We cooperate with the most important dealers of Italian and foreign fashion accessories, who trust us with the merchandising of their products on the foreign market, both in stock and slow moving, as well as of the new collection, so that the Made in Italy can be distributed carefully and properly.

It is imperative to look after our customer to preserve our professionality, at the same time making sure that the item reaches its destination properly labelled, accordino to the laws of that country and to the lawful interational rules.

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